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I’m a friendly, straight talking person brimming with creative ideas to suit your business design needs. From logos and branding to websites and marketing, take a peek at my site and drop me a line if you want to chat


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Rolfing UK site launch

Posted on Oct 19 by

What is Rolfing I hear you ask? Rolfing Structural Integration is a method of deep tissue manipulation and movement education. It aims to balance the body so that it can deal more efficiently with the downward force of gravity. With just 34 Rolfers across the UK it’s not a well-known practice, but has actually been around for many years named after American biochemist Dr Ida Rolf who developed the...


Master the art of Facebook ads and boosted posts!

Posted on Oct 17 by

Would you like to get your products and services in front of customers who are most likely to buy what you’re selling? No matter whether you sell your products and services to consumers or other businesses, a well targeted and crafted Facebook ad or boosted post will help you achieve your objectives.

 With the latest Facebook algorithm changes throttling your organic reach, it’s now more important than ever to...


A site with it’s eye on the ball

Posted on Jul 20 by

Jon Wagstaff is a keen sports photographer and wanted to make his hobby in to more of a business. Focusing on Cricket, Rugby and Football, Jon can be found at most local games capturing the highs and lows of every kick, pass and wicket. We created a simple, professional logo for Jon, that was no frills so as not to take away from his photography. We then built a WordPress...


Charity site – BosomPals Support goes live

Posted on Jul 19 by

BosomPals Support Southend, Provides support and friendship to all those affected by Breast Cancer. A wonderful charity and a subject that touches so many hearts and lives. I am Emily was asked to provide a quote for a website for this local support group by a prospective client who had been through Breast Cancer herself, we of course jumped at the chance but waived our fee as it’s something close...


Breaking the mould

Posted on Jul 17 by

Breaking the mould – how a video led to the success of a Counselling website Counselling used to have quite a stigma attached to it some years ago, however, nowadays it’s become a lot more acceptable for men and women of all ages to go and talk to someone who is impartial, can listen to their problems and help them through whatever difficulties or uncertainties they have. I was...


Accelerating a brand

Posted on Nov 20 by

Exciting news as Sales Scene Limited, a colleague of I am Emily Design & Marketing and now client have changed their name and had will now be known as ‘The Social Accelerators’. They instructed IAE to take on the rebrand that reflected the growth of their core business and expanding into other ventures. Their mission remains unchanged; to achieve the best possible use and leverage of social media to create...