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I’m a friendly, straight talking person brimming with creative ideas to suit your business design needs. From logos and branding to websites and marketing, take a peek at my site and drop me a line if you want to chat


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Rolfing UK site launch

Posted on Oct 19 by

What is Rolfing I hear you ask? Rolfing Structural Integration is a method of deep tissue manipulation and movement education. It aims to balance the body so that it can deal...


A site with it’s eye on the ball

Posted on Jul 20 by

Jon Wagstaff is a keen sports photographer and wanted to make his hobby in to more of a business. Focusing on Cricket, Rugby and Football, Jon can be found at most local games...


Charity site – BosomPals Support goes live

Posted on Jul 19 by

BosomPals Support Southend, Provides support and friendship to all those affected by Breast Cancer. A wonderful charity and a subject that touches so many hearts and lives. I am...


Breaking the mould

Posted on Jul 17 by

Breaking the mould – how a video led to the success of a Counselling website Counselling used to have quite a stigma attached to it some years ago, however, nowadays it’s...


Accelerating a brand

Posted on Nov 20 by

Exciting news as Sales Scene Limited, a colleague of I am Emily Design & Marketing and now client have changed their name and had will now be known as ‘The Social...