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Leave it to us to shout about your business through social networks and digital marketing

We’re all about increasing conversion rates and promoting your business through digital marketing. With an eye on the latest trends we create tailored marketing campaigns that invite audiences to interact with your brand.

No matter the size of your budget, we will track your campaigns using software that highlights results and allows us to constantly improve so we can capture the attention of your audience digitally.


An effective online marketing campaign should be built from techniques that complement each other. By using our marketing techniques coupled with the expertise in our graphic design agency, we can offer a bundle that ensures audiences are interacting with you effectively, in order to receive the highest return on investment. Each tailored campaign is fully trackable using software that highlights results and constant improvements, no matter your budget.


Gone are the days where tracking pixels and customer journeys never existed and ‘in’ are the trends that excel your social media profiles and capture the attention of your audiences digitally. So, what can we offer?


Search Engine Optimising (SEO) is a digital form of marketing that ensures search engines show your website at the top of a search. It’s about increasing your site’s visibility to generate more traffic through targeted keywords. This puts you in front of your target audience and is one of the major strategies of any marketing campaign. We’re here to help simplify the jargon and technical words that add a sense of ambiguity to the SEO world. This can take the form of on and off page SEO, focussing firstly on the ‘on page’ strategy, creating a strong foundation to start moving your website up the search engine and secondly, we obtain serious results by using various link building techniques and gain substantial movements on all major search engines; specifically, Google. There's also an element of organic SEO that we can implement into your campaign keeping up to date with the ever-changing algorithms of Google and using in-depth research of keywords to develop a strong campaign that delivers results, from start to finish.


Whilst initially used for personal interaction, social media has become a hugely influential tool for companies to incorporate into their marketing campaigns. 90% of marketers said that social media is important to their business. We specialise in social media campaigns and strategies, so whether you’re building brand awareness, pushing traffic over to a specific web page, creating leads or increasing sales, we can create a tailor-made campaign to ensure we deliver the results that fit within your budget. We recommend social media platforms that will work alongside each other for your chosen campaign. We have a team of specialists that obtain the know-how on placing your company in front of your target audience. Social Media Marketing consists of a few in-depth steps that lead to an effective strategy. The content creation is a contributing factor that creates a strong impact. We focus on curating content that packs a punch whilst tied into an effective post schedule to ensure the highest reach of your target audience. We research your audiences current likes, trends, life milestones and where they’re situated to find the highest converting clicks on your posts and ads. Whilst focusing, monitoring and analysing our campaigns, we use tools that allow a comprehensive understanding of how people have responded and how to increase the performance of each ad set. Social media posting is an easy strategy to adopt, but carrying this out correctly for maximised results requires research. This is what separates your campaign to your competitors and by allowing our in-house marketers to delve into your current social platforms that are used, we can nail down a structured approach to ensure the same techniques are used across all platforms.


We rely on an excellent standard of content that portrays exactly what we offer, without compromising on quality. With social media readily available to scroll through at the end of our fingertips, we are reading more and more information each day. Nothing creates a brand like a piece of professional copy and we’re on hand to ensure your company shows a flawless example of communication online. Sure, you can adopt a high spend technique and exhaust your budget on highly creative marketing schemes to a point where you triumph over your competition, however, we know that this isn’t sustainable or really that engaging. Creating first-class content isn’t just about fancy type, complex words and equitable grammar; it’s about understanding your audience, how they grasp its context and what they do with it when they’ve read it. To reap these results, it’s highly beneficial to utilise a prolific team that can fathom the importance of communication.


Video content is now a massive part of any business. Consumers like easily digestible information and audiovisual content provides exactly that. Employing videography as a marketing strategy will help to grow your business and really target your customer base. Customers and clients will be able to see exactly what your company is about, what you do, and it can even help to give the company a more welcoming feel if there is engaging content from the director and employees. This will gain you much more valuable enquiries from customers who already have trust in you from seeing your videos. Video content can come in a range of forms, such as short snappy promotional videos, introduction videos and even longer instructional product-based videos. Each has its own purpose: Promotional videos are generally short and aim to gauge customer interest in your product/service. They can either be targeted at the product, event or service or go down the route of a viral video to gain higher views and encourage viewers to look into your company and products. Introduction videos essentially introduce the company to the customers and allow the audience to get to know the ins and outs of the business. These are best usually featured on the home/about page of the company website so that that information is easily accessible. If it’s a product you offer, instructional videos are a great way to strengthen your customer base and ensure repeat business. An instructional video is targeted at people who already have your product and will feature insider tips and knowledge on how to use it more effectively. This keeps your audience interested and increases repeat visits to your website or page so that when future products are released they’re already paying attention to what you’re doing. So to round up why videography is a fantastic marketing tool we’ve compiled a breakdown: • Video builds trust • Video can explain everything • Video can be shared easily • Video interests even the laziest of buyers • Google loves video content


Retargeting, also know as Remarketing, is the process of gaining customers attention after they have left your site. As one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, Retargeting keeps your business in the limelight when potential customers are searching for your product or service. This new form of digital marketing is a highly effective marketing channel, due to the fact that 90% of visitors that browse a website never convert during their first visit. With Retargeting, we open up the opportunity for a higher rate of conversion. Customers who have been retargeted are around 70% more likely to make a purchase and have been found on average to spend 50% more on purchases than customers who have not been retargeted. By placing your company’s details back in front of your potential customers, you effectively remind them of your details and with a concise call to action, we can prompt customers to continue where they left off, increasing the chance of a sale. This simple, yet effective concept can increase conversion rates by up to 600% and increase online sales revenue by up to 20%. We can incorporate a Retargeting campaign to Facebook and Google. The ideal platform will heavily rely on your current marketing techniques, conversion type and target audiences. We always recommend using both platforms to increase the reach of your customers due to the fact that this builds trust within your brand, and with trust comes an increase in conversions. The way Remarketing and Retargeting works is by installing a tracking pixel onto your website which collects data from that visitor. We can then track the journey of that customer on your site and what they have engaged with so we can then generate a specific advert that we would like to retarget them with. With this data we’re able to categorise visitors into 3 segments, Intent Segment, Previously Visited Segments and Cart Abandoners. With these categories, we then design specific adverts based on brand and page content. This will generate an advert on websites that offer advertising space or appear in Facebook’s news feed or side ads, prompting the potential customer to revisit a website to complete the conversion. This technique dramatically increases the opportunity to turn a visitor into a lead, sale or enquiry. This intelligent form of marketing is simple and to the point, however, we hold the key technique in order to make each campaign as effective as possible and review design, poor performing sites, targeting parameters and IP address exclusion. A note to take away and review is people visit your site every day, we can capture that data and utilise the results to Remarket to visitors much more effectively.


Digital PR focuses on specific techniques that grab a defined target audience and uses data to show how that target audience reacts. This usually includes avenues such as social influencers, bloggers, forums and online targeted ideas.

Digital PR is used to generate an increase in traffic, a greater presence online or a boost in brand awareness. It also allows for us to incorporate a form of content marketing that contributes towards SEO techniques that have a proven track record of delivering highly effective results. All these benefits can generate a huge increase in visibility for a website and therefore impact revenue, conversion rates and growth.

During each planning phase when creating Digital PR campaigns we ensure a clear understanding of how your audience is approached. We use a combination of experience and software to enable a solid projection of a target audience. Once we’ve adopted a concise plan, we action a strategy that reaches a specific audience. Reporting and measuring is a crucial stage throughout the campaign and we deliver results that prove the ROI is as effective as your top campaigns. We outline the engagement, growth and revenue generated on our easy to track reporting systems, all accessible at a click of a button.


As much as we offer social media management we truly believe that if you have the capacity, you are the best person to manage your social media. You are the expert; you know more about your business than anybody else and you need to show this off to the world! Our social media expert Annie runs a social circle designed to help small businesses with all aspects of social media for a low monthly cost. By being in the social circle you will get content ideas and inspiration, the latest social media news, helpful and practical tips, exclusive webinar access, Q&A sessions and one-to-one support. You also benefit from reduced social media design cost so that you can easily create engaging and varied content every day.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of online marketing that allows business to pay to place their adverts in front of their audience(s) for specific search terms. Much like the organic rankings achieved from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC displays results on the top page of Google, increasing clicks through to a website. This is a way of buying visitors to your site and yields much quicker results that other conventional forms of online marketing like earning customers organically. Search Engine advertising allows advertisers to bid for their ad placements in the sponsored links area when someone searches a specific search term that the campaign is targeting. For example, our ad may show up in the top spot of Google for the keyword “PPC Marketing Essex”. Whenever an ad is clicked, there is a fee paid to the search engine. Now, if that click then converts into a £400 sale, you’ve made a substantial return on investment (ROI) on that sale. Our campaigns are set up to win. We tailor your PPC campaign to target a list of specific keywords designed for your business. Once a clear understanding of user behaviour is established, we then adjust these keywords to ensure maximum results for the most effective outlay. From researching your target keywords to setting specific groups to the campaign, we ensure that each keyword has an increased opportunity to convert to generate the most effective return. Whilst your ad campaign is running, we ensure that the keywords are relevant. This means planning specific lists, keyword groups and ad text. We also focus on landing page quality, which contributes towards persuading your audience to purchase, enquire or sign up. This is achieved through relevant content and a clear call-to-action to specific search queries. These are the basic fundamentals of a PPC campaign, however, the quality score of the keywords should never be overlooked. This is where we generate more clicks at a lower cost. This is due to advertisers that obtain a higher quality score get more clicks through to their site at a lower cost. We use specific software that enables us to identify how to increase the quality score to achieve greater results. On top of constant managing on each campaign, we continue to improve results to develop an effective digital marketing campaign. This is accomplished by adding new relevant keywords, adding negative, non-converting keywords, splitting ad groups, refining landing pages and reviewing the cost on each keyword to ensure minimal overspending.