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ENGAGING IN DESIGN DISCOURSE: Our take on three noteworthy blogs

Today, I'm excited to share our recent interactions with the creative minds at Design Week. We firmly believe that staying connected with industry peers and engaging in meaningful conversations is key to keeping our design game sharp.

Engaging in design blogs

First up, we delved into "Design, Climate, Action: How to Help Clients Set Sustainable Briefs." This enlightening blog spotlights the profound impact design can have on climate action. It showcases briefs from top agencies emphasising sustainability, showcasing design's vital role in shaping a more eco-conscious world. We're all about infusing corporate social responsibility into our projects, and I shared our approach in the comments:

"I am a sole trader with a network of designers and work with other sole traders, start-up businesses, and SMEs. We try to incorporate a sense of corporate social responsibility into each business we work for, whether that is using our go-to printer that uses FSC paper and vegetable-based inks, encouraging an estate agent to give a % of their sales and lettings fee to a local homeless charity, or just by using other local small businesses within the community. There are so many ways that doing good is good for business and every designer can bring that to a project. I really hope that however small a business is, they can find ways to bring sustainability into the work they do."

Feel free to dive into the conversation here."

Next, we explored the "Facebook Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity" blog. The social media giant's rebranding got us thinking – how does design tie into Facebook's evolving values and technology's role in our lives?

Our comments highlight the bigger questions behind the redesign:

"Rebranding isn't just about changing the look of a brand. It's more about giving a fresh start to the company's values and what it stands for in a world that keeps changing. Facebook's recent rebranding, along with so many other social platforms recently, makes me think about how they want to be seen in terms of privacy, safety, and how they use technology? It's not just about changing the design, but also about asking bigger questions about technology's role in our lives and what comes next. It would be interesting to find out how and if this factored in the redesign."

What are your thoughts on this? Have your say here."

Lastly, we were captivated by "SomeOne Designs 'Radical but Minimal' Identity for National Youth Orchestra." It's incredible to see how design can empower organisations. SomeOne's work for the National Youth Orchestra exemplifies dynamic and adaptable branding, nurturing a sense of belonging among young talents. We couldn't help but praise this transformation:

"The design transformation for the National Youth Orchestra is truly impressive. It's refreshing to see how SomeOne has crafted a dynamic and adaptable visual identity that not only captures the essence of the orchestra but also resonates with the diverse and evolving audience of young musicians. This thoughtful approach to design ensures that the NYO's brand can evolve and grow alongside its members, inspiring a sense of belonging and pride among its talented young performers. Well done!"

Do you like the new design? Give your opinion here.

Remember, the digital world thrives on engagement, so let's continue to share insights, celebrate outstanding work, and build connections. Feel free to drop your latest blogs or any inspiring discoveries you've come across. Let's keep the design conversation going!

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Oct 10, 2023

Waoh! Incorporating corporate social responsibility for SME's is awesome!

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