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Imagine a world where clarity is a phantom, and the brief is scarier than a haunted mansion. Now picture a graphic designer on the brink of a ghostly meltdown. The tale I'm about to tell is a spine-tingling account of the nightmares that can unfold when one doesn't adhere to my spooktacular 5-step guide for crafting the perfect brief for your graphic designer.

How to brief a graphic designer

Step 1: Lack of details that haunt

Some embark on this eerie journey by crafting cryptic briefs, assuming their designer possesses supernatural abilities to decipher vague desires. Alas, the outcome is often hair-raising – designs that make your skin crawl but not in the way you intended.

Step 2: The petrifying rush

The phantom clients swoop in, haunting their designers with eleventh-hour alterations and ghastly expectations. The rush leaves no room to breathe, resulting in designs that would spook even the bravest souls.

Step 3: The mysterious budget

For others, the budget is a well-kept secret, shrouded in financial fog. Such practices only breed confusion and unearthly surprises. Clarity in financial boundaries is the only way to prevent both client and designer from wandering in the dark.

Step 4: Haunting feedback

Vague feedback akin to "make it pop" or "I'll know it when I see it" haunts the creative process. Constructive, precise feedback is what guides the design onto the right path.

Step 5: Ghosting communication

Then there are those who vanish into the void, leaving designers with unanswered enquiries and a spectre of uncertainty. Consistent, open communication acts as a lifeline between client and designer. Ghosting almost always ends in a chilling deal-breaker.

These bone-chilling experiences serve as harrowing lessons. The adoption of my 5-step guide will transform the eerie darkness of projects into well-lit paths. With clarity, ample time, well-defined budgets, specific feedback, and steady communication, your designer will no longer dread the projects you bring to the table.

Ghouls and goblins, do not tread the same spine-chilling path. Follow these steps to ensure a collaboration with your graphic designer that's free of haunts and spectres. Your projects will thank you, and you'll steer clear of the horrors of design gone awry. May your next creative endeavour be spooktacular!

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