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Trust us to design and build the right website for your business

From brochure sites to eCommerce our graphic design agency have the skills to create a website that works for your business. With the option of bespoke code we build the right tools to demand the attention of your customers.

Fully responsive as standard, all our sites are carefully thought through and use our extensive design and marketing knowledge to ensure that every page is doing its job.


It’s important to choose the right website for your business. We guide you through the process and give you options of what you may need now and what we can add on in the future as your business grows or your needs change.


For example, you may need a brochure site now but need eCommerce functionality built in at a later date. We ensure that our sites are adaptable and security is paramount so we are very careful not to add in any old plug-in, if we can’t find something suitable we will build our own. With secure hosting, email, SSL certificates and on-going maintenance packages we’ve got you covered.


Brochure websites are a catch all term used for many personal and SME business websites. Often including an informative home page and menu structure with multiple pages. These typically include information about the company, a clear CTA (Call to Action) so that the user is guided to the desired end goal and often including content about what the business wants to offer or show case on the website. Often blogging functionality is included with share and like buttons to try and increase exposure. We also include what we see as ‘standard’ implementation such as share buttons, policy documents (including cookies), Google maps, a header navigation, and common footer. We do not limit the number of pages or sections to the websites we create for our clients, but we do recommend a maximum of approximately 7 top level sections for ease of use – sub-sections can then drop down – depending on the design and requirements. In the ‘back-end’ of the site we make sure that all your basic SEO is adhered to, basically, everything is included to give your website the best chance of succeeding and rank on Google. Having said that, you do still need to nurture your site and keep up with the ever changing algorithms and competition in what are becoming very saturated markets. We can help with that with our digital marketing offering as well as our maintenance packages, keeping an eye on your website and your market so that your always ahead of the game and more importantly your competitors.


eCommerce was always implemented in to a site when you were selling products or services online, although that hasn’t changed there’s several ways in which you can add payments to your site, from a simple PayPal button to a fully integrated system – it can be as involved as you want it to be. We are experts at implementing successful eCommerce experiences for our clients, one’s that enhance the success of our merchants, and one’s that provide a beautiful and intuitive user experience for the visitors or their customers. We recommend building sites with eComm in mind from the ground up and as part of the design process. However we do support several eCommerce platforms, which do allow us to retrospectively add eCommerce to our main web platforms. We can also do custom payment gateway integrations if you require a particular customised ordering or booking and payments flow.


Our sites, whatever format we build them on, are all hosted on web platforms that offer a CMS (Content Management System). What this means is that you as the client or owner of the website will be able to login to the website, and make changes to the content; updating copy, adding new blog posts, changing pictures, adding new pages, etc. or you may decide to take one of the following options: You can choose for us to do all the content updates for you either on a monthly basis or as and when you need them. We can maintain the site for you if applicable (not all platforms require this) which includes content updates, software updates, security patches and support. We can provide you with training, which would enable you to make changes or updates to your site, this is especially important when you have an eCommerce site, and the order and inventory system is unfamiliar to you.


All our websites are bespoke to our clients even if we do start with a guide or a template we will ensure it reflects your business in a suitable way. However, if you have a need for software or code that can't be found 'out of the box', then we can build it for you. Typically, we can find and adapt most software to do what you want to do but in the case of something that is unique we have developers on hand to design and build exactly what you require.


Not got a website with us? Your website not performing as well as you’d hope? You’ve seen a fall in ranking in the search engines? People are complaining that it doesn’t work on mobile? People are struggling to contact or find your via your site? We can help you identify any open issues on your website, with our website audit reports. We run a series of automated reports, and manual tests and then provide you with a detailed report that combines all these results and gives your clear action points on what can be enhanced on your website. This could then be handed off to a website developer of your choice to make the enhancements, or this could be something we would be delighted to support you on further, to significantly increase the performance of your website.


Whatever platform we build your site on, we will provide safe and secure hosting and security ensuring the highest level of uptime for your website whilst also protecting you against malware and other attacks. All our sites will be issued with an SSL certificate which enables the communications on your website to be secured using HTTPS. This will ensure all traffic between your website's visitors and your website's server are encrypted. This helps protect any confidential information that is passed, and is of paramount importantance especially on eCommerce sites where payment credentials are entered.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in basic terms is what someone would type in to Google to find your business. Obviously it's a bit more technical than just that but we won't go into that right now. What this means is that your website content needs to have the right keywords within it so that you can be found and push traffic to your site. In order to get your site found effectively on Google we have a team of content writers who will make sure that every page and every social share is optimised to do the very best it can giving you a solid foundation to build your SEO in the future. Although we provide you with base SEO on a build and can guide you if you are writing your own content to get the best from your site, it still needs nuturing and constant improvingfor you to benefit and climb up the all important Google rankings. For this we have SEO experts who can build a plan for you so that your site is performing the best it can at a pace and budget that you are comfortable with.