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Did you see us in the Echo today? Find out how I support charities across the county in this article by Louise Howeson.

It's the warm glow of having made a positive difference which motivates web designer and marketeer, Emily Hewett.

Emily runs which started in 2009 when she left Leeds and moved to Southend.

She has strong ethical business values and encourages the businesses she works with to connect with local charities. She also shows them effective ways to make eco-conscious and socially responsible changes.

Emily says: “I work with start-ups and small businesses to make a positive difference. The changes they adopt do not have to be expensive, there is a cost-effective solution for all businesses.”

Prior to running her own business, Emily worked in marketing as a senior art director for brands such as Halifax and Lakeland. However, it has been in working with the grassroots projects that she feels she is making the most difference.

“I focus on helping local charities because I think they can sometimes be forgotten and they are the ones which are doing the most for people within the community,” says Emily.

She encouraged a sales and letting agent to donate a percentage of their profits to the homeless charity Harp, worked with a hairdressers to use cruelty-free vegan products and convinced a food company to use all sustainable and eco packaging.

“My motivation is that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see a business or charity succeed for the right reasons and knowing I have played a part in it,” says Emily.

“I have kids and I instil in them to trust in people and respect them. I want to be a good role model for them.”

Emily is a member of Organisation of Responsible Businesses (ORB) which has its headquarters in Southend.

“I have worked with Jill Poet, of ORB, since I moved here and admire everything she has done to promote ethical businesses. I used to network and be a ‘yes person’. Now I won’t work with a business that does not align with my values."

Emily gives up a lot of her time to work for free or for a minimal fee but she says that this altruistic approach is actually good for business.

“What goes around comes around, I might dedicate my time to a charity but then I find people come back to me for paid work and recommend me to others."

If you'd like to work with us please contact us for more details.

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