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WHAT WE LOVE DOING BEST: Crafting logos and branding

At I am Emily Design & Marketing, we have a passion that fuels our creativity and drives our mission: crafting exceptional logos and branding. It's not just a job for us; it's what we love doing most.

Logo and branding Essex

Logo Creation: Where the magic begins

Whether it's for a startup, a business division, or a brand refresh, we can't wait to dive into the intricate world of your business. Many of our clients approach us without a clear vision, and that's perfectly fine. We understand that sometimes, your ideas might not align with your brand's values. That's where our Discovery Document comes in.

Our Discovery Document is a crucial part of our process. It asks the right questions to create a clear brief for our work. It prompts you to think deeply about your business, long-term goals, target audience, and your preferences. Our clients often love this step because it helps them identify aspects of their business they might not have considered.

One client, in particular, struggled to articulate his business's essence and target audience. After completing our Discovery Document, he had an "Aha!" moment and developed a clear and concise summary he now uses in his social media bios.

From our clients: Nigel's story

Nigel Pointer, the founder of Vine, offering bespoke investment opportunities, shared his experience with us: "Emily created and designed far more than my website, logo, and associated branding; she helped shape my company's message and how we can assist our clients. Emily was meticulous, taking the time to understand my company's present and future goals. I highly recommend Emily, her service, and her professionalism - her delivery exceeded expectations."

Logo and branding Essex

The Design Process: Where inspiration blooms

Now, onto our favourite part—the design. We analyse the Discovery Document and brainstorm key points before letting our creative juices flow. Our inspiration comes from various sources, fuelled by our two decades of experience spanning multiple industries. Regardless of the package you choose, single or multiple concepts, the same level of care and attention goes into creating the perfect design for you.

Logo vs. brand design: It's more than meets the eye

Designing a logo is about more than aesthetics. It encompasses colours, typefaces, graphics, icons, and the psychology of your audience. It's about creating an identity that resonates with your customers.

Once we're satisfied with the final design(s), we present them to our clients along with a comprehensive rationale. Your feedback is invaluable, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments. Once you've chosen your logo, we provide a detailed document outlining its use, colours, and fonts. Depending on your needs, we might also include bespoke social media icons, merchandise designs, or embroidery elements. This document is your brand's North Star.

From our clients: Jane's Testimonial

Jane Lodeto, Director of Browns Solicitors, attests to our branding expertise: "Emily has got our branding 'spot on.' She found out everything she could about what we wanted from our new company. She is always prompt in responding to additional designs we need. I have recommended her to many people."

Logo and branding Essex

Our process works

The feedback we receive from our logo and branding projects reassures us that our process works. We continue to provide small businesses and startups with a rock-solid foundation for their brand.

Ready to let us work our magic on your logo and branding needs? Get in touch with us. Our team of experts is eager to bring your brand to life and help you stand out in your market. Don't wait – let's create something amazing together!

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